Roof Assured Program

Get the most from your roof with JJ Quality Builder’s Roof Assured Program. Receive annual roof inspections, cleanings, reports, discounted repairs, and more!

What's Included in The Roof Assured Program?

Upon an initial free inspection to determine if the roof qualifies or requires repairs to be eligible to sign up and receive all the great benefits.

The Roof Assured Program includes an annual roof inspection so we can identify any minor issues and deal with them before they cause major problems. It also includes priority scheduling for emergency and standard repairs. You will also get a 10% discount for any repairs identified during the inspection. Lastly, you will also get a free roof condition report for your insurance if requested. All new roof installations will receive this service for one year for free!

  • Annual Roof inspection: Roof warranties require annual maintenance to maintain the warranty. This assures your roof warranty stays in good standing!

During the inspection, we will:

  • Check attachments like satellite dish or solar panels, seal as needed
  • Check for storm damage like missing shingles or impacts.
  • Check for overhanging trees and trim back as needed.
  • Check impacts from fallen debris.
  • Check for proper air flow for proper attic ventilation.
  • Check for 3rd party damages from roof traffic.
  • Reseal gutter seams as needed
  • Remove debris from roof as needed
  • Check flashing and reseal as needed.
  • Re-nail any nail pops
  • Check chimney walls and chimney cap seal as needed

*The maintenance program does not cover repairs, but does allow for a 10% discount on any repairs identified during the inspection. If repairs are needed they will be priced out on the spot for the homeowner.
As a maintenance customer you will never be charged a trip charge for emergency services or repairs a $299.00* Savings. You will also receive priority scheduling which means 24 hour* or less response in emergencies, and 48 hours* or less for standard repairs.
*According to Terms and Conditions

We provide a free roof condition report for your insurance company if needed.  This is a $299.00 dollar value for the report and may prevent the insurance company from dropping you.

Join The Roof Assured Program

*Terms & conditions may apply.