When Installing A New Roof Make Sure Your Ventilation Is Working Properly, Here Is Why

When Installing A New Roof Make Sure Your Ventilation Is Working Properly, Here Is Why

A proper roof installation will ensure that there is adequate ventilation throughout the year. If you are renovating your home and are in need to install an entirely new roof, keep in mind the attic holes that provide ventilation. Do not cover them with insulated products as this may cause problems further along the line.

When Installing A New Roof Make Sure Your Ventilation Is Working Properly, Here Is Why

Natural air circulating beneath the roof will help prevent the formation of ice dams during the cold winter season. The air will contribute to evaporate water in the gutters.

Air circulating in the attic area reduces the imbalance of the heat caused by insulation and the outside temperature. Thereby saving the energy used by air conditioners to offset the extreme temperatures hence lower bills. A roofing system should ensure that there is maximum ventilation to avoid problems in the future. Without proper ventilation, the roof system becomes susceptible to pathogens such as mold, mildew, and fungus. These pathogens are highly dangerous if they find their way to your breathing tract via the Heating Cooling and Ventilating Air Conditioner. Aside from that lack of proper ventilation may also lead to wood rot and weaken the roof supports which is in the real sense dangerous and quite unavoidable.

Having the right ventilation will ensure that your home has a surplus supply of oxygen and smooth flow of carbon monoxide to the outside hence reducing the buildup. There have been developments to ensure maximum ventilation such as the roof mounted fans and passive vents. The fans and the vents help ensure that there is a smooth and efficient flow of air below the roof at any given temperature or season. Thus keep the whole house at room temperature instead of exceeding.

Warping and cracking of the roof are more rampant than you know and it’s all due to lack of proper ventilation. Most times it depends on the type of material you are using, but ultimately it pays to be cautious when it comes to the free flow of air. Poor ventilation can also prompt damage in other areas for example if you have lined your walls with wallpaper; it will start to chip or slowly peel off from the wall.

Lack of proper ventilation when installing your new roofing system will come at a cost eventually. The repair needed to fix a fallen roof structure is very expensive and can all be avoided by assessing the ventilation and even increasing them

Furthermore, doing roof repairs on your own can be very stressful. If you are not familiar with the proper roofing procedures to ensure the job is done correctly, there may also be additional damages that will greatly increase the overall cost.

If you are replacing your roof, make sure everything that works hand in hand with your roof is working properly. This could save you from issues down the road! Check out our Customer Reviews from previous jobs. Contact the local professionals from JJ Quality Builders of The Palm Beaches for more information.