What to Look for When Choosing a New Roofing Material

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Regardless of the material you choose, a new roof is necessary for your home. When your roof shows any damage, you might need to pay extra for expensive leak mitigation and other repairs. Fortunately, you and your home will be protected for many years if you choose the best roofers in Lake Worth, LF, to fix your roof.  

While asphalt shingles are popular among homeowners in the United States because they’re one of the easiest to find, most economical, and most adaptable types of roofing. Slate and clay tiles are the most lasting roofing materials, but they are more expensive than metal or wood. If you want to know more about the different types of available roofing, here are some roofing materials that you might want to invest in.

Roofing Material Checklist   

Shapes and Patterns of Roofs   

Every unusually shaped building that has ever been constructed requires a roof that fits it. Many of those unusual roof designs have persisted in usage throughout the years, ranging from the many gable roofs you frequently see on residences to dome forms like that of the Capitol Building. When choosing a roofing material, consider the shape of your roof because some roof shapes support certain roof materials better than others.  

Price of the Material   

One crucial factor you first need to consider is the price of the roofing material. While you shouldn’t go for expensive roofing materials, you shouldn’t go for cheap ones. Look for a roofing material that’s best suited for your home and will last a long time.    

The Roofing Material for the Suitable Climate   

While most roofing materials can withstand most climates, others will wear down quickly because of the weather. Choose the roofing material that best suits your area to make it last a long time.  

Choosing Your Home’s Best Roof     

The climate, budget, and house you live in will determine the best sort of roof for you. Consult with certified roofing contractors about what works best in your region, and look at some of the more recent construction projects in the area for inspiration. Regardless of your choice, there is always a danger that your roof could be harmed. You want to be sure you’re insured when the unexpected occurs because roofing can be pricey.    

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Types of Roofing Materials to Consider   

Asphalt Roofing  

The most popular roofing material in America is asphalt shingles since they work well in all kinds of weather. Ask if your shingles pass the ASTM D3161, Class F (110 mph), or ASTM D7158, Class H (150 mph) wind tests and whether they have a class 3 or 4 impact rating because quality varies greatly. Asphalt shingles are popular not just because they work well but also because they are reasonably priced.   

Metal Shingles  

Metal roofing can last 50 to 70 years and is available in vertical panels or shingles that resemble slate, tile, and shake. Metal is excellent at repelling heavy snowfall and rain, won’t burn, and can withstand strong winds. Compared to roofs made of other materials, it is lightweight and requires little upkeep.   

Steel With a Stone Finish      

Interlocking tiles can withstand damage from torrential rains (up to 8.8 inches per hour), winds of 120 miles per hour, shaking, hail, and freeze-thaw cycles. They resemble slate, clay, or shingles. As a result, they’re a cost-efficient option for windy, damp, or wildfire-prone environments. Stone-coated steel is regarded as a more budget-friendly option for roofing, with a fairly inexpensive cost per square foot. 


Slate roofing can endure for more than a century. It’s waterproof, won’t burn, and is fungus- and mold-resistant. This roofing material is helpful in humid environments but is costly, heavy, and easily damaged when stomped. Slate should only be chosen if you have a larger budget (or a small roof) as the cost per square foot is typically higher than many of your other options. 

Rubber Slate   

Rubber shingles come in various colors and patterns and are a long-lasting, affordable roofing alternative. They can be counted on to last 15 to 30 years, and if problems do occur sooner, repairs are not too complicated. Rubber is also a good insulator for hot summer days. Therefore, some homeowners could discover that installing a rubber roof reduces energy expenditures.   

Concrete and Clay Tiles   

Concrete and clay roof tiles can withstand damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, winds up to 125 mph, and even earthquakes. However, they need additional support to hold their weight, and walking on them increases their risk of breaking. The costlier nature of clay and concrete tiles reflects their endurance.  

Special Types of Roofing   

Ecologically Sound Living Roofs    

Green roofs, covered in vegetation, can reduce water runoff, enhance air quality, and insulate homes to lessen urban heat islands. However, they require additional structural support, a vapor barrier, thermal insulation, waterproofing, drainage, water filtration, soil, and plants. The “intensive” variation of this roof style involves a more involved process and has higher costs.   

Constructed Roofing  

The most typical design for flat roofs is this heavy roofing, which consists of layers of asphalt, tar, or glue covered with an aggregate. Built-up roofing is excellent for waterproofing and fire resistance, which is expected for a flat roof style. They have a 15 to 30-year lifespan. The cost per square foot will depend on the slope and pitch of your roof.  

Solar Roof Tiles   

Solar roof tiles provide between 13 and 63 watts of power per tile and neatly integrate into current shingles. They work exceptionally well on sunny roofs in homeowners’ communities where conventional solar panels are prohibited. While they cost more than traditional solar alternatives, they might help offset energy expenses.

best roofers in lake worth fl installing a roof

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