Reasons Why You Should Proactively Maintain Your Roof

While the saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” applies to many things, roofing care is not one of them. In this blog, local roofer JJ Quality Builders of the Palm Beaches shares the reasons why you should take a proactive approach to roof maintenance.Reasons Why You Should Proactively Maintain Your Roof

It Helps Extend Roofing Life Span

Roofs are exposed to the elements from day one, therefore it only makes sense to expect some wear and tear over time, leading to eventual replacement. Today’s roofing systems have expected life spans: asphalt shingle roofs are expected to last 20 to 30 years, while metal roofs last for about 50. Taking the reactive route with roofing care—waiting for the roof to spring leaks before calling a roofing contractor, for instance—can significantly shorten your roof’s life span. It may even raise the roof’s lifetime cost, given that major repair work generally costs more than scheduled maintenance.

It Helps Avoid Structural Damage

Leaks cause more than water stains, or the inconvenience of having to break out buckets when it rains. Water from a leaking roof can damage the roof’s structural support, which are mostly made of wood. Extreme cases of neglect have resulted in the roofing structure being unable to support the weight of the roof, resulting in bowing rooflines. This can also affect components adjacent to the roof, resulting in unplanned ceiling repairs.

It Helps Preserve Your Valuables

Leaky roofs put your valuables at risk. Furniture, electronics and important documents can be damaged by leaking rainwater and increased indoor humidity. Even with insurance, certain materials such as valuable art may not be replaceable. Preventive roofing maintenance can help avoid such disasters.

It Helps Keep Your Roofing Warranty Valid

Most of today’s roofing warranties require proof that the property owner is adhering to the maintenance requirements as prescribed by the manufacturer, the lack of which could render the warranty coverage void. Valid and active warranty coverage can also be favorable towards your homeowners’ insurance premiums.

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