Light- Vs. Dark-Colored Shingles: Comparing the Two Options

There are many decisions you have to make when it comes to roof replacement. Aside from finding the best contractor for the project and determining the budget to get it done, you’ll have to decide which asphalt shingles to install. Choosing the type of shingle to use can be challenging, especially when considering the wide array of colors available.

While choosing colors depends mostly on the homeowner, being aware of the differences between light- and dark-colored asphalt shingles can help make the selection easier. JJ Quality Builders of the Palm Beaches, your local roofer and remodeler, provides an overview.

Dark-Colored Shingles

Dark-colored shingles are ideal in areas experiencing cold or wet weather for most of the year. These shingles absorb heat faster than their counterparts, which helps melt snow collecting on the roof. This same attribute also helps fend off the formation of ice dams, which can affect both your roof and your home.

Light-Colored Shingles

Light-colored shingles, meanwhile, are widely common in areas with warmer climates. These shingles reflect sunlight and the heat and harmful UV rays that come with it. With these installed, there’s no need for the HVAC system to work overtime to maintain comfortable temperatures. They also prevent the roof from deteriorating early in its life span.

Factors to Consider

Generally, there is no right choice when it comes to both options. Your choice always comes down to a variety of factors and conditions that you and your chosen roof and gutter installation contractor will have to weigh in and consider. The planning phase of the roof replacement is an integral part of the project as this can help minimize potential errors and mistakes during the actual installation.

Here’s a look at some of the important factors when picking either one:

  • Insulation – Darker shingles absorb heat, but there’s chance moisture will get trapped in your attic. Keep an eye out for any water spots or stains as these can lead to mold and mildew.
  • Quality of the Roofing Material – Apart from the color, you should also consider the longevity and durability of the asphalt shingles. Choose one that not only matches the rest of your exterior but can also withstand the elements.

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