Breaking Down the Costs of a Typical Roof Replacement

Are you planning to replace your current roof? A roof replacement project can be a significant investment of your time and resources, so you need to understand the factors that can affect the cost of this project. In today’s article, JJ Quality Builders of the Palm Beaches, the top roof replacement company in our local area, explains what goes into the cost of a new roof.

Breaking Down the Costs of a Typical Roof Replacement


The materials account for the majority of the costs in a roof replacement project. A good roofing contractor will install all the important parts of a durable roofing system including the underlayment, starter strips, ridge vents and more. In addition, they’ll also use high-quality roofing shingles that can protect your home from severe weather. These materials aren’t cheap because they are designed to last for many years and to be tough enough to withstand anything mother nature can throw at them.


Labor is the next most expensive part of a roof replacement project. As a roof replacement and roof repair expert, we recommend looking for the best possible roofing contractor that you can afford. Don’t hire a contractor that focuses on giving the lowest bid possible. Good contractors know what they are worth. Replacing a roof is labor-intensive and complicated, so you want a contractor that can complete this job flawlessly.


Roof disposal and other job site extras make up the remaining costs of the project. Your roofing contractor might have a special vehicle or machine to clean up your lawn, for example. Or they might use a crane to lift bundles of shingles up to the roof, or they might use scaffolding.

As one of the top roofers in our area, we highly recommend talking to your roofing contractor and asking for a detailed cost breakdown. You shouldn’t hesitate to raise any questions you have regarding roofing costs because a reputable company will always share this information with you. JJ Quality Builders of the Palm Beaches is the number one roofing company in our local area because of our great customer service and our extensive experience. Call us at [phone_number] to learn more about our services and products or to ask for an appointment.