Save energy in your home with a new roof


Did you know that Investing in a new roof might actually save you money in the long run?

Energy costs can be dramatically reduced after installing a new roof for several different reasons.

The intense Florida sun and weather can rapidly age materials on your rooftop. New technology in roofing products such as insulation, radiant barrier sealing, wood decking, tiles and shingles last much longer and increase energy much more than the older technology that is on your roof now.

Installing new materials, and a more reflective color, can help lower energy costs and save you money on your electric bill year after year. Aside from the roof itself the insulation and the ventilation are important aspects of improving your home’s energy efficiency. Proper ventilation and additional vent installations will help to remove the hot and stale air so it can flow naturally out from the home. Upgrading roof ventilation is sometimes required to move air through the home. Proper ventilation is also healthier for you inside the home.

Roofing upgrade vs Energy Cost

Save energy in your home, by creating a more efficient sealed environment, for the air conditioner to maintain your desired temperature inside. You can actually prolong the life of the roof by having proper ventilation. In hot FL summers excessive heat and improper ventilation can actually warp the decking of the roof. 

Installing new reflective shingles on the roof and a radiant barrier underneath also help to keep energy costs low during the hottest summer heat. With all the new technology out there it makes so much sense to upgrade your roof.

One of the fastest ways to upgrade the energy efficiency in your home is to install new insulation that is up to code that will keep your home cool and help to protect against warping the excessive heat in the summer sun.

Call JJ Quality Builders today and we will be happy to help you with your new roof needs. You’ll be saving money in the long run at the end of the year on your energy bill and possibly insurance costs. Increase the overall value of your home.

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