Save energy in your home with a new roof


Did you know that Investing in a new roof might actually save you money in the long run? Energy costs can be dramatically reduced after installing a new roof for several different reasons. The intense Florida sun and weather can rapidly age materials on your rooftop. New technology in roofing products such as insulation, radiant […]

Roofing Inspection

roof inspection

South Florida Roofing inspections for the Hurricane season 2021 are a necessity as the season begins to intensify and is projected to include several major storms. Now is the Perfect time to get your roof secured and inspected or possibly replaced before a major storm impacts Florida.  Roofing Inspections are made easy with our friendly […]

Secondary Water Barrier

Water Barrier roofing

Clean and neat 4″ Tamko Moisture Wrap installation. This is applied to the joints of the plywood to help against water instrusion.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Preparing for a Home Painting Job

Hiring the pros to paint your home is always a smart idea. In doing so, you are investing in a high-quality paint job that’s not only guaranteed to impress but also ensures your home’s long-lasting appearance. As opposed to doing everything manually on your own, bringing in the experts tends to be more cost-effective.

Light- Vs. Dark-Colored Shingles: Comparing the Two Options

There are many decisions you have to make when it comes to roof replacement. Aside from finding the best contractor for the project and determining the budget to get it done, you’ll have to decide which asphalt shingles to install. Choosing the type of shingle to use can be challenging, especially when considering the wide […]

3 Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Shape This Summer

Summer is now in full swing. With overall pleasant weather and temperatures, it is an ideal time to perform roof repair and maintenance. This is especially important in this part of the United States because summer also marks the start of the hurricane season. By taking care of your roof early, you better equip it for the […]